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Welcome to Wildflour Bakery Wholesale, our bakery is a family-owned business that creates all natural, no GMO or Preservatives, kosher pareve (No Dairy) breads for our customers, with unparalleled customer service.  We create our awesome GMO & Preservative free Breads 24 hours a day 7 days a week, and delivery fresh baked product nationwide daily.

We attribute our success to staying true to our core value by creating products that are superior to our competitors. We do not create 60 different breads that are mediocre, we create 8-12 different dough flavors in various shapes and sizes, adding fruit, nuts and other locally sourced items when appropriate, creating products that are the best tasting in their respective category.

Bread Baking at Wildflour Bakery is an art form, which is why we allow our

handcrafted bread to rise slowly, using our proprietary starter to enhance flavor and texture. We never use GMO’s, additives or preservatives and all of our kosher pareve bread (Non Dairy) is baked fresh daily. Our starter originated in Europe and continues, with our care, to begin the daily process of bread making. We use starters each day to mix a variety of our doughs, adding anything from grains and seeds to herbs and fruit. Once the dough is mixed, we shape it by hand and then we slow proof our products. After the bread has proofed, our Bakers begin baking the bread on the stone deck of our imported European deck ovens.  During the baking process steam is infused into the oven to give the bread its shiny appearance and hard crust. Hours later, our works of art are completed and ready for our happy customers.

At Wildflour Bakery  we cater to our customers’ needs by customizing our superior products to meet their needs. Whether you are a small business requiring a limited amount of our bakery goods or a large chain requiring a regular delivery of a semi-truck load of products, you can count on us to take your business seriously and to deliver your order with fresh products.

Welcome to Wildflour Bakery

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A few of Our happy customers include-

 -Private label services to over 250 markets in 13 states, Airports,  Hotel’s, Hospitals,  Restaurants,  Country Clubs,  Corporate Dinning,  Colleges and   School Districts:

Daily Deliveries of fresh baked bread to our customers, range  from San Diego to Santa Barbara, daily, except Sunday.

Wildflour Bakery is committed to food safety, as we have a HACCP plan in place and metal detector scanning of all products. This insures the quality and safe consumption of our products.

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